On Site Classroom Workshops for High Tech Sales Professionals

Are you a manager whose sales people are getting results, but you would like to take them to the next level?  Would you like to take your star performer and duplicate their success but you aren’t sure how?  Our on site workshop helps your sales people perform like your star by using the strengths they have to produce the best possible outcomes in any situation.

Individual One-On-One Coaching

Are you a sales executive or individual contributor that’s part of a team looking to get better outcomes in your career? Individualized coaching provides our clients with a series of one hour sessions with one of our certified coaches that begins with your top 5 strengths and ends with a personalized road map.  Our coaches are certified in one or more of the following certifications; Gallup Strengths Finder™, Coaches Training Institute™ (CTI) or Strozzi Institute™.

Both Mary Kaiser and Mary LaRocque are certified business coaches.  Contact us directly for pricing and availability.


Level Up Mentoring Seminars are specific to career oriented women.  Whether you are working full time, part time, or are looking to transition from stay at home mom back into corporate America, small business, or start your own business, our seminars are designed to help you make that happen.  These seminars focus on transitions specific to women.  Perhaps you want to write a book, start a charity or find a better work-life balance.  If so, you will have the opportunity to hear from speakers who have successfully made these transitions, to ask questions in a safe environment and to begin to develop your own personalized road map.

Recruiters and HR Executives

Are you an in house Recruiter or an HR Executive responsible for attracting high tech talent but are confused as to why your turnover rate is so high?  Are you attracting great talent but can’t keep them?  Are you having difficulty understanding what your company is lacking in order to retain top talent?  If yes, then this service is for you.  Learn what Millennials are looking for when they come to work in high tech companies.  We will provide you insights into how to attract and retain Millennials so that your best resources buy into your mission, your product(s) and your company’s success.